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From paper waste to jewelry,  every  PURITZKY  bead is shaped by dreams of workers rising above poverty or disability.  PURITZKY  does not only provide them livelihood but also shares part of its profit to the rehabilitation of Parañaque  River as potential source of freshwater supply.   


Eco -friendly   

Handcrafted out of recycled waste paper and multi-coated to withstand water and discoloration.



Unique colors and designs. Attractive in its unrefined earthy appearance.


Playful and Customizable  

With a matching pair of earrings, wear as necklace, as belt or as bracelet.



With your purchase,  you are not only making a statement of your style

but also, exercising your eco-social responsibility.




My community, Parañaque City, is visited by at least  6 typhoons  a year. I have always been seriously concerned with how these typhoons and their consequential floods, caused mainly by clogged drainages, severely affect  our environment, the life and livelihood of the people especially of the poor, and our already worsening water crisis. I thought of harnessing my creative talents in developing products from waste paper and materials to contribute in alleviating this socio- economic problem.


After attending free workshops sponsored by Parañaque government as part of the Hataw Health Festival,  I experimented on various products, materials and processes…thereafter, PURITZKY   handmade eco-jewelry was born.


In keeping with my personal mission, a portion of PURITZKY ‘s  profits is committed to Parañaque River Rehabilitation Project, a project to convert the river as potential source of freshwater supply.  


“When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves”

- David Orr,  Environment educator and writer









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